Customized International Operations Manual

Your International Manual

..for  the Two O'clock Tuesday Demo explaining how the manual is organized and can be used by your company

International Operations Manual on HCB Cloud

  •  Import Clearance Operations
  •  Export Documentation & Operations

Why reinvent the wheel? Your Company International Operations Manual can be patterned after the HCB International Operations Manual on HCB Cloud (IOM)

View a demo of the HCB Cloud's International Operations Manual - organization and examples

  • Policies of a Customs Clearance Operation
  • Import - Export References
  •  Provide an in-house international operations manual for your staff's reference and guidance
  •  Means to maintain a dynamic Import / Export Compliance Reference Manual to comply with  potential Customs or EAR audits
  • Customs Compliance Review materials
Training ...Individualized for International Trade Ops

Operation Tools  ... for Import/Export Ops

Trade Manager... IOR/ Export Management