Purchase Order Wizard

Systematizing International Workflow using the PO Wizard TM

PO Wizard Overview - Key input screens & forms generated explained
PO Input WR Receipt WR Assignment EEI Dec Loading Carrier Docs Billing & Transmittal Reports Queries Support
On-Line Demos - aspects of the PO Wizard explained in detail (click icon above to view)  

We understand International Operations & MS Access.  Customize the workflow of your International Operations.  Customization based on HCB PO Wizardİ Software

  Document Examples
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  Loading Plan SLI
  Certificate of Origin Warehouse Receipt
  CI / Pack List Detail Fwder Certif of Receipt
  •  Operational tool for managing export operations and create needed documents
  •  Includes all freight forwarding software for a fraction of the cost of commercially available "off the shelf" programs
  •  Designed, built and maintained by a freight forwarder completely conversant in database programming
Container Packing List Booking Confirmation
Master Bill of Lading Shipping Labels
Dock Receipt Letter of Transmittal

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EEI (Export Dec) Billing Invoice
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Shippers and Consignees can view the progress of each PO line item's movement along the supply chain using the HCB Cloud's PO Viewer. Click the icon to the left to open the demo.

Value Priced

Use the PO Wizard TM for many functions...

  •  Peruse the 10 videos above for a complete overview of how the PO Wizard works

  •  Software file tool includes all reports, queries, and forms with the ability to customize to your needs

  •  Training and customization available at discounted hourly rates

  •  Compare to commercial purchase order management programs costing thousands

  •  Includes subscription to HCB Cloud - dynamic (continually updated) reference library of international operations information

  •  All inclusive price - $1,250.00

  •  Manage your exports from PO issuance to customer delivery

  •  Manage shipping activity to PO Line Item level

  •  Queries and reports from various perspectives to completely replace cumbersome spreadsheets

  •  Produce all common international trade forms - COO, CI, PL, Dock  Receipt, shipping labels, load plan, classification input, delivery order ...

  •  Keep track of inland moves to export consolidation

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Table of Contents

Purchase Order Input

Quote Input

Shipment Builder

Event Manager

Line Items Ordered

Load Plan


Schedule B Declaration

Training ...Individualized for International Trade Ops

Operation Tools  ... for Import/Export Ops

Trade Manager... IOR/ Export Management