Importer of Record Manager

                                                        Customs Broker License 6631


Components of the Importer of Record Manager include --

  • Purchase order systematized

Procedural guidance for overseas' supplier
Built on HCB Import Wizard
Electronic checklist to accompany order
  • Supplier's Invoice guidance

Valuation - what is dutiable, what is not
Classification of goods before they're shipped
What needs to be on the invoice
Means to reduce US Customs examinations
Pro Forma Invoice guidance to supplier
  • US Import requirements

Special product requirements
Participating Government Agency preparation
Country of origin marking
Intellectual Property Rights
  • Compliance Matters

How to request a binding ruling?
Reference and publication library
Consultant network
  • INCOTERMS responsibility of the buyer
Transportation costs, service requirements
Risk management
Packing and crating
  • Mechanics

Operations Software Formats
What your Customs broker needs?
Shipment communications
Entry type options - structuring imports to save duties - Foreign Trade Zone
What you should expect of your Customs broker?
Pre-Clearance Planning
  • Import transaction procedural formats ....
    • To accompany the purchase order for your supplier's guidance
    • To systematize import operations procedures
    • To assist your Customs broker
  Reference "workbook" of import transaction information
  • Arranged by topical interest
  • Import operational "ready reference" information and aids

Specific functions H.C. Bennett Company offers relating to the Importer of Record Manager

U.S. Logistics Assistance. Shipping costs can be of significance when any "C" or "D" Incoterms of sale are quoted (such as CIF or DDP).

We provide the research to determine the optimal U.S. port of entry, international shipping costs, marine insurance, U.S. warehousing/storage costs, and U.S. inland distribution costs.

Advocate of Baltimore Street Turn Program to reduce drayage costs.

As Licensed U.S. Customs Brokers, H.C. Bennett Company (corporate license 14423) furnishes U.S. Government Requirements including ... 

your invoice's valuation - what is dutiable and what is not ... classification of your goods before importation ... intellectual property right regulations of origin marking ... invoice requirements.

Guidance in the formulation of Contracts for the Sale of International Goods -- 

Services include ... Pro Forma invoice components...Incoterms of Sale significance ... Banking and Letter of Credit guidance ... Sales literature assistance to gain business with the U.S. prospect.

Discounted Customs Clearance Program.  Significantly Reduced Clearance Fee - often 20% - 30%!

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Training ...Individualized for International Trade Ops

Operation Tools  ... for Import/Export Ops

Trade Manager... IOR/ Export Management

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